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Einstein " Einee " : Phd: (Part-time hunting dog)
Director of Marking
Certified: Golden Morkie
We practice Inter-species Equal Opportunity
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Einstein: Director of Marking
Bruce Mayfield: MBA, BSCS
Digital Artist / Computer Scientist

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Digital Posters: (Optionally With Your Message)

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Eagles of The Lake © -- by Bruce Mayfield


More Photo Art For YOUR Message

Commercial Poster Options - NOT Available for Download

These are samples of Photo Art available for Liberated Poster Products.

I will work with you to add your text to these photos and grant you limited copyrights to sell or share -- and distribute -- "your" Liberated Poster freely. I will also create a display platform on website






















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Photo Animation and Video Integration

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Einstein On Ice (DOWNLOAD disabled)

Photo Art (BEFORE and AFTER)

" The Magnificent " -- in " The Mundane " -- is Art! ™

After Post-Production: " The Magnificent "

We reveal the " Photo Art " -- in your Photos.

You pay nothing

* For " The Original BEFORE Photo " Click Here!

More BEFORE and AFTER Photo Examples

Commercial Enhancement Options

After 1: Hues of Dusk

After 2: Dramatic Flare

* Original Photo

Photograph Restoration

After: Restoration

* Original Photo
Reposition N Crop

After : Sweet!

* Original Photo
Digital Restoration


* Original Photo

Digital Erase N Enhancement

After all these years, she still matches her shoes with her lipstick!
Is there something missing from this photo?

* Original Photo
Simple Salvage


* Original Photo



* Original Photo
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