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Einstein " Einee " : Phd: (Part-time hunting dog)
Director of Marking
Certified: Golden Morkie
We practice Inter-species Equal Opportunity

Einstein: Director of Marking
Bruce Mayfield: MBA, BSCS
Digital Artist / Computer Scientist

Services We Offer

ALL content on this website is
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with all rights reserved.

Content on this site may be "micro encoded" with copyright notices.

* What You May Download and Distribute Freely

* Customized Posters For Sale -- With Limited Copyrights

* Not For Sale

Digital Posters: (Optionally With Your Message)

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Eagles of The Lake © -- by Bruce Mayfield


More Photo Art For YOUR Message

Commercial Poster Options - NOT Available for Download

These are samples of Photo Art available for Liberated Poster Products.

I will work with you to add your text to these photos and grant you limited copyrights to sell or share -- and distribute -- "your" Liberated Poster freely. I will also create a display platform on website

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Photo Animation and Video Integration

Press " (tiny) triangle " above to play

Einstein On Ice (DOWNLOAD disabled)

Photo Art (BEFORE and AFTER)

" The Magnificent " -- in " The Mundane " -- is Art!™

After Post-Production: " The Magnificent "

We reveal the " Photo Art " -- in your Photos.

You pay nothing

* For " The Original BEFORE Photo " Click Here!

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More BEFORE and AFTER Photo Examples

Commercial Enhancement Options

After 1: Hues of Dusk

After 2: Dramatic Flare

* Original Photo

Photograph Restoration

After: Restoration

* Original Photo
Reposition N Crop

After : Sweet!

* Original Photo
Digital Restoration


* Original Photo

Digital Erase N Enhancement

After all these years, she still matches her shoes with her lipstick!
Is there something missing from this photo?

* Original Photo
Simple Salvage


* Original Photo



* Original Photo
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Links to Animation

Animation adds "action" and "color" diversity to your site.

The following breaks down distinct functions of animation

Color & Motion Animation

Comparitive Variable Motion Animation

Animation Illusions of Lumination

Basic Text (or Image) Animation

Basic Image Directional Animation

Basic Image Zoom Animation

Complex Image Zoom Animation

Simple Image Fade

Simple Galary With Thumbnail Images

Fade in BEFORE / AFTER Image Overlay


Responsive Images

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